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About Reiki Every living being radiates warmth and energy- this energy is the life force itself and has as many names as there are human civilizations. In Japan it is called Ki and is the root word for Reiki. It is called Chi in … Continue reading

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Guided Meditation to Balance and Heal Chakras

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Healing Crystals

Magical Healing Properties of Gemstones for Physical Issues and Common Ailments When picking healing gemstones from the Table of Physical Issues, Common Ailments and the Corresponding Gemstones below always remember that your intuition is you best guide. I therefore invite … Continue reading

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Caution: Please use this symbol as guided by Masters else it will not be ACTIVATED to get desired RESULTS!!!!!

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Another Good Music for newcomers in Reiki Field!!!!

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Reiki music with bell at three minute interval!!!!Very useful for newcomers!!!

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Reiki Music to Soothe Tired Brain!!!!

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Reiki In My Life!!!!!

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