A Letter To All Students and Receivers of Energy Healing Therapies.

Dear All

I am writing this as a clarification and explanation for queries for ONLY WANTING  any particular Therapy. I get a lot of calls and e-mails asking me to do only a particular therapy.

We all have certain overwhelming issues / situations/ physical and psychological problems/ relationship matters and so on ..I can go on and on about it.

These issues present themselves in our lives due to various reasons, which may or may not need Past Life Regression or any other therapy. Trust the therapist to do his/ her best with you and have patience.

When u seek therapy, let the therapist decide the therapy best for you. Trust me when I say this…as a therapist I have sixth sense just as so many other therapists ; about the need of the client or whether the client will continue the therapy with me or will stop in the middle and go to some one else.

For example; Imagine going to a doctor and him asking you to lay on the operation table and he cuts you without any explanation. How will you feel? Or u go and tell the doc that u r convinced that you have a tumor and you want to be operated upon today and rite now.

He asks you to get tests done and he suggests therapy once he has studied all reports and is convinced with his diagnosis.Right??

When visiting a doc , your physical symptoms are only symptoms and not the disease itself. Similarly, your issues and problems are only presenting issues or symptoms. Why they are happening is what the therapist assists you with. 

I ethically and very strictly do not regress my client ever in the first session. I thoroughly explain the procedure and only take the client to a trance for affirmations.After the client has understood the procedure and is de-mystified from the myths about Hypnotherapy or other therapy, I proceed.

Just as a doctor prescribes medications to lower your symptoms, a healer may ask you to maintain a dream diary..or a journal..or do affirmations..or certain meditation or breathing and so on. Remember it is all happening for your best , otherwise you would never be there in the first place.

Your friend may have taken 2 sessions for his/her healing. You may take 10. There is no specific rule that fits all.

I repeat trust the process.

When you are stuck to the idea of only wanting PLRT you are not letting the therapy take it’s normal course, which I believe is 99% guided by your higher self and that of the therapist .

A therapy session may be a combination of a lot of things..PLRT , Age regression, Inner children therapy. Spirit release and Chakra n energy healing..and for me I do a lot of Psychic healing for my clients so that therapy is quicker. 

It is no magic…therapist only guides u…once u are aware or your self and the disease mechanism of the body..it is your responsibility to work on yourself with that hightened awareness for greater results. You owe it to no one but your self and no therapist in the world can make u do it.

I believe through my experience both as a therapist/ healer and as some one undergone therapies myself, that , it is a life transforming and a very spiritual experience. This experience can only be self fulfilling and complete when you surrender to the process..when you are doubting it, doubting your therapist and also doubting yourself ; how will healing happen?. How will your transformation happen????


A lot of times . you may feel the therapy not working or no change is happening..talk to your therapist n tell him/her. This does not mean that you are a complex / complicated case or that your therapist is incompetent.Just as one doctor does not suit all , similarly one therapist may not suit all.

A physical ailment or diease takes a while to heal..u will need repeated sessions…If u stop the therapy in 1 or 2 sessions thinking that u can manage or it will all be okay..trust me ur just buying time. All physical ailments need repeated sessions….how many ?? will be determined by your physical condition or severity of the disease.

Last but not the least. It is mostly believed that spiritual and healing professionals should not ask for a fee….Remember that we are professionals as well…These therapies are mostly chargeable, Unless someone can’t afford themPlease be open with your therapist while discussing the fee and your capacity to pay or for any discounts. I myself have taken a lot of people for free or minimum charges. But make it clear before u start the therapy. Fee varies from therapist to therapist. It depends completely upon the therapist what he wishes to charge. As a therapist we do a lot of energy work with the client so we are exhausting our energies on the client. Money is a form of energy that you as a client exchange with the therapist( as a mechanism of balancing the energy exchange between u and your therapist). This is also a karmic process , else  you have not returned the therapists favor on you.

I hope this has brought some clarity about certain very important and un-spoken areas of healing.


About cosmicnu

I am Spiritual Healer and Teacher. I am Lightarian Reiki Master.
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