All Purpose Reiki Manifestation Triangle

Reiki Manifestation Triangle

This is a great article on using a Reiki Triangle for Manifestation. You can use it for any area of your life (or anyone else’s) where you are trying to make a change. It works for jobs, health, addictions, relationships, money issues, and more. It suggests an interesting way to look at the issues to which you are sending. This includes the problem, solution, and yourself in the same model.

The original technique suggested putting the paper in your lap. I suggest doing it in front of you to make it more clear that your feel the energy of the problem and not your body.


Using a Reiki Manifestation Triangle

* Prepare the room and yourself by using some symbols or just saying a prayer.

* Use your hands to draw the circle and then the triangle.

* Put the appropriate intention into each section of the triangle.

* Draw or intend a Distance Reiki symbol over the center of the triangle.

* “I ask to send healing to this Reiki triangle involving (your or another’s name), the problem (make a brief statement), and the solution for the highest good”

* Draw all your Reiki Symbols over the triangle, and then beam Reiki into each section of the drawing.

* Notice any areas that need more or less.

* Use a power symbol to close.

* Give thanks.


About cosmicnu

I am Spiritual Healer and Teacher. I am Lightarian Reiki Master.
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18 Responses to All Purpose Reiki Manifestation Triangle

  1. l would like to knw much about the triangle and its symbols……can you send me the symbolz name how to put them in correct order and power symbol to close:-D

  2. Andy says:

    @ cosmicnu This is great! I’m a reiki practitioner (level 3) and would love to know your method πŸ™‚ thanks

  3. md danish anwar says:

    i would like to know about trangle or using method .i donot understand english properly so please help me i am requesting you please help me. I m from india and i m Reiki practitioner.i m requesting u again and again plz help me.

  4. Anki says:

    Can a reiki level I attuned do this?

  5. Anki says:

    Can you guide with learning reiki…i had done with level I but id not see much changes…nd i did not get a certificate even…what should i do.? Can we take distance attunement?

  6. Anki says:

    What are the formalities I need to do ? I am from India….It’s been 4-5 months i have been attuned with level I and practising.. πŸ™‚

  7. konacali says:

    I’ve used this technique for manifesting for years & it is VERY effective. I draw do a triangle for various goals, people & issues and fold them & put them in my Reiki basket and then each day send distance Reiki to “my Reiki basket” along with myself, others, etc- using a substitution technique that Reiki teaches in level II. You need to have taken courses from a Reiki Master who will attune you & give you the ancient symbols. God Bless.

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