Bring Prosperity Through Prosperity Mandala of Goddess of Wealth.

On this auspicious day, Meditate and activate Prosperity and Wealth Yantra.

This is a divine instrument or a mystical diagram usually etched on either a metal with gold plating, a copper plate or a gold plate. It is considered sacred in Hindu religion as it has the engraved picture of the divine deity, the Goddess Lakshmi seated on a blossomed lotus flower.


If you offer prayers to the Goddess Lakshmi and the yantra on Deepawali, you can invite the Goddess to stay in your home and bless your family with wealth and prosperity.
Place your yantra in house or office

You should place the Yantra in your home temple, in your pooja room or in your office on a clean red coloured cloth. You can also place it in your cash box or purse.

Benefits of MahaLaxmi Yantra.

We all have to face at one point or another in our lives, many kinds of problems such as financial problems, accidents, theft, losses, anger, bad effects, diseases, unhappiness, an absence of peace and prosperity, debts, negative powers and many other situations. The Maha Lakshmi Yantra possesses the miraculous quality to eliminate your worries. All you have to do is to have faith and devotion for the Yantra and offer regular prayers. The auspicious and unique yantra benefits you in a variety of ways.
The Benefits of Maha Lakshmi Yantra:
• Brings love, luck and happiness to your life
• Bestows fortune, wealth, fame and prosperity
• Relieves you from dreadful chronic diseases
• Opens the locked doors of your destiny
• Eliminates the effects of black magic and other negative powers
• Safeguards you from enemies and adversaries
• Negates the negative effects of malefic planets
• Combats all the bad influences and ill-effects of vastu faults in your home or office
• Stimulates growth and promotion in business or profession
• Ensures the overall success and development of you and your family
• Curbs your financial problems

This yantra can be activated by meditation also.

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About cosmicnu

I am Spiritual Healer and Teacher. I am Lightarian Reiki Master.
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