Money Matters in Reiki Healing System

Money Matters in Reiki Healing System

When some Usui Reiki Masters broke away from the tradition of charging excessive prices for Reiki attunements and training, it was a bit of a blow to others who had established steady income from teaching Reiki students. They now had to contend with competitive pricing and, with more Masters being attuned, they would also have more teachers to compete with.

Mrs. Hawayo Takata set the price of $10,000 for Reiki Master/ Teacher Level training. In addition, for the next twelve months the newly attuned Reiki Master/Teacher was expected to turn over all Reiki class earnings to the Master who had initiated him or her.

Members of the Reiki Alliance remain in keeping with the class fees determined by Mrs. Takata.

Reiki Fees

When comparing the prices of different Reiki classes, some may assume that the higher-priced classes must offer greater value. Another assumption that follows in this same vein is that reduced Reiki class fees would equate to reduced value of training. While this may be true in some cases, it should not be taken as necessarily true for all. Value cannot always be measured in money. There are certainly Reiki students who graduated from higher-priced Reiki classes feeling terribly disappointed. On the other hand, there are some students who received free Reiki training from their teachers and were very pleased with the outcome.

The price charged for a Reiki class should meet the following conditions:

  • The teacher charges a certain amount of money that he or she believes is necessary in order to feel valued as a teacher.
  • The student pays the sum of money that he or she feels is fair and reasonable for the amount of training involved.

If both of these two conditions are not satisfied, the teacher or the student, or both, will feel shortchanged. Either the teacher will feel undervalued or the student will feel cheated.

Reiki class fees are often negotiable. If you feel drawn to a particular instructor but are unwilling or unable to pay the fee that is advertised, it is certainly permissible to approach the instructor to see if an alternate arrangement might be possible. However, respect the teacher if he or she tells you that the class fee is not subject to change. And please don’t try to “guilt” or “goad” a Reiki Master into reducing his or her fee. To do so would not make for a good start in building a healthy teacher/student relationship. The class fee is part of the teacher/student contract. If both parties cannot agree on a fee, the contract was simply not meant to be. Class fees aside, no Reiki teacher should ever feel obligated to ENERGY EXCHANGE.

Charging fees for Reiki attunements and treatments is passionately debated among Reiki practitioners. Takata taught her students that there must always be an “energy exchange” in order for Reiki to be valued by the recipient. Takata held the position that anything received as charity would not be fully valued.

It has been argued that Reiki can be appreciated only when it is paid for in some way or if a sacrifice of some kind is made in exchange for it. Unfortunately, this reasoning does have a ring of truth to it for some people. Many people have conditioned themselves into believing that healing can only be gained through the exchange of money and labor.

The most common “energy exchange” offered in return for a Reiki treatment is money, but some practitioners are open to bartering. They will accept agreed-upon services or goods in place of money in return for a Reiki treatment.

Another controversy that has risen out of Takata’s “energy exchange” notion is that it is in direct conflict with the fact that practitioners do not give away their own energy when conducting a treatment. If practitioners are merely serving as conduits for Reiki to flow through their bodies and they are not depleting their own energy, why should they require energy replenishment in the form of an exchange?

The argument goes like this: If Reiki is a universal energy, free to all, why should anyone have to pay for it? This reasoning makes sense, until you consider the time and efforts involved in conducting Reiki treatments. Once you do that, you’ll realize that there is nothing wrong in practitioners expecting payment for their time and efforts.

My Opinion

Energies, we must try to understand that Reiki Energy is a bi polar energy and in order to let flow of energy from one to another, it is needed for energy to be exchanged.

We must take some deep thinking for the process of energy exchange and should be considered in a positive direction only. All of us know that Reiki Energy travels faster than even thought energy and it is able to heal and help in almost everything.

This energy exchange should be done differently with different receivers and it is difficult to keep same standards for all. There are energies, who are having too less of time and patience and can pay for their healings, but there are some, who may find impossible to pay for the services rendered. Those who can pay or do any other energy exchange may do it to their level and those who find it impossible can do it their way with blessings or offering any other help they wish and can do comfortably.

I have learned that without the energy exchange, either the receiver may get slower results, or at times, the Reiki Healer gets back all the negativity.

I always wanted to teach and share whatever I was taught and what I had been learning in life with what it teaches us.  However, if someone is doing Reiki Healing or any other such alternative healing or reading, the energy may be allowed to charge for the energy remitted.

We energies in this world are to let flow and spread all the white light and love in this small universe. We must try to let flow of energies and should see to it that everyone just help in spreading it and should avoid to block its path and flow.

In the end, as long as the price is agreed on before the treatment, both practitioner and recipient will be gratified.


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I am Spiritual Healer and Teacher. I am Lightarian Reiki Master.
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