About Remote/Distance Attunement

1Remote Attunements

Each form of “Reiki” or “Healing Modality” requires an attunement process to take place. What actually takes place during each attunement process and how long this process will last for greatly depending on what you choose to be attuned too. Generally speaking However, an attunement will take around 15 to 30 minutes to complete.

A remote attunement is also called working “at a distance” or simply a “distance” session. We often receive questions about the remote attunements and their effectiveness. Over the years, our experience has shown that our remote attunements are just as effective as those received in-person or by telephone. When working etherically, there are no limitations in transcending time and space….and the telepathic nature of our remote attunement methods is very simple and powerful. During the remote attunement process, we work directly with the recipient’s Higher Self (the individual’s highest non-physical sense of Self) to accomplish the transfer of the “connection” with the higher spiritual energies.

During a remote attunement…when Master connects with the recipient’s Higher Self energies…the process can be viewed simply as a form of telepathic communication or etheric travel. This “connecting in” is automatically handled through the web of consciousness and connectedness that exists for all of us. It’s as though the Master knows the recipient’s “etheric address” and makes a connection with him/her through the power of intention. The intention of the Master is an important, essential factor in this process of “connecting in” with a student’s Higher Self energies.

All attunements can be completed either via “Hands On” or “Remote / Distance” methods.

Difference between via “Hands On” and “Remote / Distance” methods.

Well “Hands On” is where both the person being attuned and the person attuning are physically in the same place.

Where as “Remote / Distance” Methods do not require the person being attuned and the person performing the attunement to be in the same place,

Does a Remote / Distance Attunement Really work?

Yes it most definitely does! In fact it is just as wonderful and powerful as a hands on attunement, yet often far more practical. There is absolutely NO difference in the results of the attunement process, yet by being able to send attunements via Remote / Distance methods we are able to more easily share this wonderful energy with many different people from all walks of life around the world, which is our aim! ~ To link Healing around the World.

Side effects from an attunement

Yes there can be side affects after a reiki attunement. However this is referred to as a cleansing period.

During this time each person will experience their own unique reaction to the cleansing period. NO two attunements are ever the same. Depending on which form of Reiki of Healing Modality you choose to be attuned to, depends on how long this Cleansing period may last for, generally they vary from 7 days to 21 days in length.

Reiki only works for the good of all, so during the cleansing period you may undergo a detox, that can often bring about changes in your life. The Reiki attunement can start a cleansing process that effects the physical body as well as the mind and emotions. Toxins that have been stored in the body may be released along with feelings and thoughts that are no longer useful. A process of purification prior to attunement is recommended to improve the benefits one receives.

Many people report experiencing some of the following things:

Opening of the third eye

An increase in intuitive awareness

Other psychic abilities.

A release of Negative Emotions

Changes in food preferences



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I am Spiritual Healer and Teacher. I am Lightarian Reiki Master.
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