Why Reiki Doesn’t Work Sometimes


Why Reiki Doesn’t Work Sometimes

“Why didn’t Reiki heal my problem?” That can be a tough question to answer. A lot of Reiki practitioners fall back on the “highest good” argument and talk about esoteric factors that the person is working through. And sometimes that is the reason, but sometimes they are just more obvious

There are several reasons why Reiki doesn’t work sometimes – yes, there are times when the magic just doesn’t happen.

l) The expectations of the client are just too high:

A practitioner should never claim that Reiki can make miracles. If a client comes to you thinking they will be instantly cured of what ails them and they aren’t here’s why. Reiki doesn’t work that way. Multiple applications are required, probably some life style changes or emotional and attitude changes need to be met like stop smoking, drinking, leave job or relationship that is not working for you anymore, etc. Other healing modalities may need to be happening simultaneously like massage, Acupuncture, Herbs, Psychotherapy, Medication, etc.

2) The client is closed off, unreceptive, super skeptical:

I’ve seen this happen many times, people will come to you for treatment claiming they want to get well, to heal, to feel good, but when they get on the table, there is just not much going on. They are literally blocking the energy. They don’t trust the practitioner, they don’t trust Reiki and they don’t really want to make the changes necessary to heal their life and circumstances.

Often we say a person doesn’t need to believe Reiki will work, but the truth is, their belief helps. The more receptive the person is, the better the energy flow and the more effective Reiki will be.

3) Skill of the healer:

Kind of a no-brainer; the better the practitioner is at moving energy, the better the energy will flow, the more energy will go where it is needed, and the better the results. This is why it is important for practitioners to connect with Reiki often.

Just like everything else, practice makes perfect. If you are new to Reiki, don’t do self-treating on yourself daily, and work on very few Reiki others, then the Reiki you channel will reflect that the more Reiki you do on yourself or others and the more levels of training you go up in Reiki, the more energy you will feel coming out of yours hands because you will be a purer channel for the energy. This is one of the main reasons why I am very against a Level One or Level Two practitioner doing Reiki on the public and charging for it. They are not channeling the full flow of the Reiki energy that their system can handle (you only do that at the Master Level) and lack experience.

4) Too attached to the outcome:

Have you ever heard the phrase – it’s about the journey, not the destination”? Healing brings many revelations and lessons with it, it’s said thta your greatest pain/challenge is your greatest fuel for reinvention. When you want a specific outcome and you don’t get it, then you’re disappointed. Garth Brooks wrote the song “Thank God for Unanswered Prayers.” The outcome you think you want may not be in your best interests and the lessons from whatever you have going on in your life will not be learned. Life is all about learning lessons for your soul growth, the evolution of your soul.

5) Severity of the problem:

The more severe the problem is, the more energy it will take to resolve it.

6) Age of the subject:

Younger subjects tend to have better energy flow and less built up “junk” energy.

7) Environment:

The environment that the recipient lives in is a very important factor. This not only includes their domicile, but also their work environment, recreation environment, etc… Included in all of these is the people that are present. Negative people are going to weigh down the energy of the recipient.

8) Emotional factors:

The emotions the recipient regularly experiences are a big factor in their healing. Someone who is regularly stressed, angry, anxious, afraid, or experiencing other negative emotions will have a lower energy vibration and be less receptive to Reiki.

9) Karma:

This is that “highest good” one. Past karma will definitely impact your ability to receive healing. And you don’t have to believe in reincarnation; karma generated from actions in this life has a very real effect on your current energy.

As I looked at these factors, I realized that the Reiki practitioners have control over exactly ONE of them; they can control, the Skill of the healer, and nothing else.

Reiki practitoners can do things to influence, receptivity. This includes things like setting the environment of the treatment space to be relaxing, having the recipient visualize appropriate healing imagery, and recite prayers, phrases, or mantras to help open up their energy flow.

If seeing the recipient regularly, a Reiki practitioner can influence- Severity of the problem, Environment, and Emotional Factors. Seeing a client regularly allows the practitioner to catch new issue early, as well as, provide guidance to help the recipient improve their environment and emotional life. Again, these three can really only be affected if the practitioner has regular contact with the recipient.

So why doesn’t Reiki always work?

The truth is Reiki always works, at some level and to some degree. But a person shouldn’t go to a Reiki healer and expect that the healer is going to do all the work. They are accountable for their own self, and they are responsible for eight of the nine factors of a successful Reiki treatment. There is a reason Richard Gordon says the healer is the person who is sick and gets better. The sick person controls their fate.

And for the Reiki practitioners who ask “Why should I go to so much trouble to hone my skill when it’s only a small part of the results?” We do it because it’s the part we can control, and we do not want to be the weak link in the healing process.



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