When Your Reiki Client Doesn’t Feel the ‘Energy’

reiki 2When Your Reiki Client Doesn’t Feel the ‘Energy’

It doesn’t happen to me very often, but on occasion it does. A client will say, “I don’t feel any different.” Or they may say, “In all honesty I didn’t feel the energy at all”.

What!!! How could the client not feel the wonderful and glorious energy that I felt and sensed whilst giving the treatment? How could they not ‘feel’ any different!!!

Please don’t despair, as the Reiki energy will still be working its magic and will still support the client on all the different levels (emotional/psychological/physical and spiritually.) Just because the client didn’t ‘feel’ anything doesn’t mean the Reiki wasn’t working.

It’s very important to have your ‘chat’ about what reiki is and what it is not, when a client first attends your practice. It’s a very good idea, to give them a run down on what they may experience (and that includes nothing).. so you could say something like:

 “People sometimes experience: tingles, colours, heat, cool, floating, heaviness, sleepiness, peacefulness, or sometimes people feel nothing at all”

This gives you an opportunity to close the session, with a good discussion about what your client did or did not feel/experience after the treatment:

Reiki Practitioner: “So did you experience any of the sensations we discussed at the beginning of the appointment?”

Client: “No I’m sorry I didn’t feel a thing? I don’t think I feel any different”

Reiki Practitioner: “That’s ok, we know that some clients, feel no sensations. That’s perfectly Ok. I can still guarantee that the Reiki will have helped on many different levels, and it most certainly hasn’t caused any harm. I recommend that you keep an eye on your mood and your emotions, and your intake of water. You will probably be very thirsty over the coming days, and may have heightened emotions. If this occurs, please know that this is a natural part of Reiki. “Stuff” will be coming to the surface for you to deal with. Within a few days, you will probably feel the positives that Reiki has done for you. If you have any questions or concerns at all, please know you can ring me or email me and I will talk you through whatever you are experiencing.”

By having a deep conversation before a Reiki treatment and then at the conclusion, helps me to reassure all clients, what they’ve felt is perfectly normal. No matter what the experience. This is especially true for those rare few who don’t feel the energy during the treatment. With prior knowledge that they may not feel anything, and then the discussion afterwards is powerful in helping the client understand they are not at fault, nor have they missed out on something.

Keep in mind there could be any number of factors of why someone may not have experienced the glorious energy generated in a treatment.

  • The client may have ‘high’ expectations of what Reiki is (even if you have discussed it prior)
  • The client may be extremely analytical
  • Perhaps Reiki is truly not the modality for them
  • Maybe you are not the right Reiki practitioner for the client
  • Perhaps you as the practitioner were off balance or not 100 per cent

These are just a few ideas as to why a person may not have felt the energy; however it’s important for you as a practitioner, to understand and accept that the Reiki is still helping and assisting even if the above factors are present.

A person does not need to believe in nor feel the Reiki for it to work. So please don’t lose faith in yourself or the modality of Reiki. Some people really don’t feel the benefits during the treatment and yet we know as Practitioners the amazing benefits it will reap for them in the coming days/weeks/months.

I hope it helps you to keep your faith and your belief in Reiki, when a client doesn’t feel the energy (this is bound to happen at some point in your working life).


About cosmicnu

I am Spiritual Healer and Teacher. I am Lightarian Reiki Master.
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