Services Offered


  1. Healing Sessions (per day)————————————————————US$ 15
  2. Charging water with Higher Frequency Vibrational Energy(per 1 litre bottle)—US$ 10
  3. Permanent Charging/Programming Crystals for specific needs——————-US$ 25
  4. Hypnotic Session Online for Past Life Regression( per Session)——————-US$ 20
  5. Life Coach Session – Online(per hour)————————————————US$ 50
  6. Angel Card Readings——————————————————————–US$ 15
  7. Tarot Card Readings——————————————————————–US$15
  8. Space Clearing/Negativity Effect Clearing——————————————US$ 100
  9. Scanning of a Person———————————————————–US $5


About Charged Water:-

The water in bottle will be “charged” with higher frequency vibrational energies which will help in giving relief in various ailments.The water will be programmed with beneficial information including the vibration of unconditional love and gratitude. This will result in an energetic attunement of the body’s subtle energy systems.

Disclaimer: I won’t be able to give medical or legal advice in any healing or reading. Please consult registered professional to do this. No major decisions should be taken based on a reading and I am not responsible for the actions of an individual or group of people following a reading or healings.


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