I started my spiritual journey since 2010 and met several spiritual friends, healers, poets, masters; all were and are wonderful beings. I met Nu almost the same way, through higher guidance. Trust and confidence were rapidly established, she offered me to become a Reiki master and to be my own healer. It is one of the best, accurate and empowering decisions I have made. Her skills are numerous and exceptional, her kindness to bring you softly to the best of who you are and what you want to experience are far beyond what one can expect or understand. I am so honored to have her as Master and benefit from her teaching and blessings. May I have enough time to express her all my gratitude, should take several light years, but she says, all is possible with Reiki đŸ™‚
Dear Nu, you are enhancing humanity and its most important values, Respect and Dignity.

Light blessings. Driss, Morocco


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