Hello World!!!

This is Nu ….Cosmic Nu…Meaning ……COSMIC RIVER!!!!
I am here to guide You All and Teach You Various ways to Achieve Spiritual heights in Your LIFE!!!!
I have Various Courses ONLINE.
You Can Join Them To Elevate And Touch The New Spiritual Heights!!!!

1.Usui Reiki(Level I,II,III, Masters)
2.Karuna ki
3.Violet Flame Reiki
4.Kundalini Reiki
5.Seichim Reiki
6.Lightarian Reiki
7.Tarot Reading course
8.Angel connection
9.Master Hypnotist
10.Advanced Hypnotist

11.Master Life Coach

12.Certified NLP Master



13.Crystal Healing Course

14.Dowsing Course(Pendulum Dowsing)

15.Lightarian Ascension Bands Facilitator

Hypnotherapist Registration At:


16.International Certified Golden Angelic Healing Teacher n Practitioner.

I am Certified Master Life Coach and available to help you find a way through your LIFE PATH!!!

Light Always

Lightarian Reiki Master
Spiritual Teacher And Healer
Hypnotherapist And Life Coach,Golden Angelic Healing Teacher.


Professional Counselling Certificate Course


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  3. Saraswathy says:

    I want to use prosperity symbol and money symbol. I am a master degree in reiki. Please help to use this symbols in daily life. If there are any health symbols please send me. thank you. Saraswathy.

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  6. Arun Samant says:

    I am a Reiki healer and have done III-A Master’s Degree. Please let me know how to use the Midas Star Symbol. I want to get out of the financial crunch I am in for the last about two & a half years. I have great plans for doing something for the society and the world, which has given us so much.
    Please advise and help me.

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